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          Hey. I'm Sam. Our Journey Starts Here.

          I want to document. Those natural moments at that precise time, the surrounding emotion. That is what I want to capture.

          I adore weddings. Everything about them. The excitement in the getting ready, the powerful emotion in the ceremony and the good times that unfold afterwards.

          I'm unbelievably relaxed on a wedding day (okay I do jump around and dash at the speed of light) but i do not stress. There is no need.
          I wan't to have the best day alongside you, and provide you with imagery to last you a lifetime.


          I'm an established family & wedding photographer from the UK, who has now set up home in Canada.

          I’ve photographed things & people for as long as I can remember, starting on a little old Kodak Ektralite 10
          that my Poppops gave me.

          Through my arts degree, and fine tuning my self education, I'm now following through with the style and subjects I want to focus on with a style I love.

          Get in touch

          Your relationship with your photographer should be special and one of open communication and ideas. Tell me all about your wedding hopes & dreams.