Claire & Adam

The day finally came!

I arrived mid morning, to catch Claire and her bridal party get ready, along with the make up artist and hairdresser. My little friend Mollie was also there and had clearly been perfecting her poses since the last time we met.The bridal suite was incredibly calm, the most calm I think I’ve seen so far. Claire got into her beautiful gown and I won’t forget the look that her daughter Mollie gave her when she clapped eyes on her mummy!

Downstairs, Adam was meeting with the registrar, along with his best man. What a difference! Mr cheeky chappy, full of smiles and jokes, but obviously nervous – the most nervous I’ve seen him (Adam, if you’re reading this, ssh, I won’t tell anyone!)The ceremony was intimate.

There were lots of tears, and the sight of little Freddie at his mummy and daddy’s feet whilst they said their vows to one another made me melt!After a beautiful reading by their friend, the happy couple exited as Mr & Mrs Elliott.Once the reception and speeches were over, the day turned into night, and the first dance was utterly sweet.Next, cue lots of dancing, singing, and InflatObooth antics, and you had the best wedding party ever!It was an absolute pleasure to spend the day with such a fabulous group of people.The following poem, was written by bridesmaid Sophie, and read out during the ceremony. I think it bought everyone to tears.

So wonderful:

When you meet people in life, you never know if it will last

If they are someone who will hurt you, and soon be in your past.

But how can you tell who these people are? The bad ones from the good

The ones who will love you completely, love you as they should.

Claire, she is a good one, beautiful, caring and true

Hardworking, selfless and giving, and loyal through and through.

I remember her telling me about Adam, who at first I thought should be gay

A Trolley Dolly at easyJet, bit of a girlie job, some might say!

The first few months were rocky, as most of you will know

But Adam never stopped to fight to love the woman in tow.

Gorgeous Mollie came along, and their family became a three

A house and a proposal to follow, and then the wonderful Freddie!

Today they stand together, as a united force

To show the world their love to each other, and doing it in style of course!

My best beautiful and darling friend is getting her happily ever after

Marrying today the man of her dreams, her knight in shining armour.

I wish you both with all my heart an amazing life together

I always knew you’d be here one day, loving each other forever!

My final words are for my friend, the most gorgeous bride I saw

Never change a single thing, and I love you to the core.

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