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        Phlock 365

        2020 saw many of us pulled from our regular day to day lives and thrust into a new way of working, educating, socializing.

        I was thrown into a version of ‘homeschooling’ with one kid who wouldn’t show his face or speak during the class Zoom chats, and the other who wouldn’t do anything else except colouring pages.

        Among that I was faced with being able to work, then not, then I could, then again I couldn’t. The times I could, I threw myself into making the most of every single day I could provide for my clients. I was shooting & editing every day & night of the week I could, and forgot completely about the love I have for documenting myself & my family.

        I’m joining the #phlock365 journey for 2021 to reenergize my love for documentary shooting and creating for me.

        It’s a challenge to take & edit a single photo for 365 days on my camera. Not my cell phone.

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