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        5 little tweaks to elevate your intimate wedding

        If you planned your wedding prior to the pandemic and now need to re-adjust, or you have always dreamed of a small wedding, here are some little tips & tricks to add some extra magic to your day.

        1 – Have some photos of your nearest & dearest there.

        For the family members & friends who can’t make it- find some photos of them which you might already have on your phone, get to your local photo printing place (many Walmart stores have one) and find some cute frames to put them in. Gather them together on a table during your wedding ceremony for a lovely touch. Those family members would love to be included in such a way!

        2 – Don’t be afraid of negative space

        Sometimes less is more. It’s easy to get carried away with decor and filling all of the space you have. Just take a moment, step back and really envisage you being there on your wedding day, and decide whether you need ALL of the decorations, or just a few here & there. You could save a small fortune and not have to worry about reselling things afterwards.

        3 – Get creative with venue options

        If you’re downsizing, don’t need your enormous conference centre and won’t get penalized for cancelling, then look to find a more intimate and romantic venue, off the beaten path. There are many hidden gems in your area if you look beyond the large branded venues. Or why not take it to a backyard?

        4 – No music, but games

        Restrictions currently require wedding to have no music, which is a real shame. However, find a way to still have fun. What about some DIY garden games? 

        5 – Get personal

        Without a huge guest list, you have more time to create thoughtful touches. It could be handwritten invitations & place cards, arrangements of hand-picked flowers. Then your guests could each take their own little part of your day away with them. 

        Sam Wildridge is an elopement + intimate wedding photographer / filmmaker based just outside Edmonton, Alberta. Sam has been capturing weddings + families for 6 years and co-hosts a large photography forum in her home country, the UK.

        Such wonderful ideas! Love the photo of fun games!

        Excellent tips for couples due to get married, very informative blog! Gorgeous images too

        Love the idea of having photos of guests that aren’t able to be there, such a cute detail x

        I love these ideas! Super easy ways to make your little wedding feel like a whole lot of special 🙂

        The games photo is my favorite. I’m so glad games are a big part of everyone’s day now–I love photographing the fun! Lovely tips you’ve gathered here.

        This blog is EVERYTHING! What a helpful tool to anyone needing to downsize or anyone who has always dreamed up a small wedding. Love the idea of printing pictures of your loved ones who can’t make it!

        Great tips, as #2 is so important. I love the garden games idea, too!

        Love these tips! Intimate weddings are beautiful and there are so many ways to add to the celebration!

        LOVE adding games in to the mix for intimate wedding days!! it’s such a fun way to keep guests entertained 🙂

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